Systema Exclusiv
Systema Exclusiv
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The extra strong dispatch box with a surplus of safety. You can dispatch, besides of all current bottles (0.75l, 1.0l and Champaign), also long bottles up to 390 mm height. Should you have such long bottles in your offer, then this is the suitable box for you.
very quick and easy handling due to the inlay for 3 bottles each
12/15/18 b. boxes can be closed also centered.

DHL: 0.75l Bordeaux, Schlegel, Burgunder, Sparkling Wine; 1.0l Schlegel
Due to the weight limit you can not fill into an 18 bottle box sparkling wine bottles or 1.0 l bottles homogenously.
UPS: 0,75l Bordeaux, Schlegel

article number quantity bottles
91503 3
91506 6
91509 9
91512 12
91515 15
91518 18
10 pieces bundled (1 b. box 20 pieces)
Your logo can be printed, minimum quantity 500 pieces.