Systema Cargo
Systema Cargo
Please click on a picture for a blow-up.
The all-purpose dispatch box with the best relation of price and quality
very quick and easy handling due to the inlay for 3 bottles each
the construction of the boxes allows to leave out additional covers for the boxes 12/15/18 bottles.
Systema Cargo Systema Cargo Systema Cargo
how to fold up the inlay - quick and easy.
Please click on a picture for a blow-up.
Systema Cargo dispatch boxes are suitable for all current bottles of 0.75l, 1.0l and Champagne up to a height of 360mm. The 21 b. boxes are suitable for bottles of 0.75l only. 12/15/18 b. boxes can be closed also centered.

DHL: 0.75l Bordeaux, Schlegel, Burgunder, Sparkling Wine; 1.0l Schlegel
Due to the weight limit you can not fill into an 18 bottle box sparkling wine bottles or 1.0l bottles homogenously.

article number quantity bottles
91001 1
91002 2
91003 3
91004 4
91006 6
91009 9
91012 12
91015 15
91018 18
91021 21
10 pieces bundled (1 b. box 20 pieces)
Your logo can be printed, minimum quantity 500 pieces.