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The noble wine box consisting of
separate bottom and cover
bottom and inlay: corrugated
cover: cardboard laminated with special paper
Veneziadetail The inlays contain buffers, the length of which can be adopted to the bottles. The separations are cut in two parts, so that you can put in also Champagne bottles.
size of tray 360x90x90 mm
Inlays for glasses, special shaped bottles etc. are available on demand.
A short video shows you how to fold VENEZIA
article number quantity bottles colour
93201 1 natural
93202 2 natural
93203 3 natural
93206 2x3 natural
93121 1 bordeaux
93122 2 bordeaux
93123 3 bordeaux
93151 1 blue
93152 2 blue
93153 3 blue
93161 1 bronze metallic
93162 2 bronze metallic
93163 3 bronze metallic
The covers can be hot stamped. For details please apply for details..
Special productions:
Different sizes and/or colours can be produced at a minimum of 1000 pieces..