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The representative wine box with hinges and clasp
sides 8 mm, bottom and cover 4 mm
tenoned edges
separations 3 mm
article number quantity bottles size of tray
99421 1 340x92x92 mm
you can fill in also 1 bottle of Champagne.
99422 2 340x85x92 mm
without seperations you can fill in 2 bottles of Champagne.
99423 3 340x85x92 mm
without seperations you can fill in 3 bottles of Champagne.
99427 2x3 340x85x85 mm
99471 1 (Magnum) 400x115x115 mm
Carrier cords:
Carrier cords can be mounted (art no. 99980).
Boxes of the series Exquisa can not be customized subsequently.
Alternatively, you can wind bands around wooden boxes. For details please see Bands.
Special productions:
Different sizes can be produced at a minimum of 100 pieces. See also Special productions.